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Our Colombian Farm Grows Red and Pink Bourbon Arabica Coffee Beans.

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At Bourbon Coffee Co., we specialize in growing Red and Pink Bourbon Arabica beans, celebrated for their unique and nuanced flavor profiles. Our Red Bourbon beans are known for their pronounced sweetness, rich fruity notes, and balanced acidity, offering hints of caramel, red berries, and stone fruits. The Pink Bourbon beans bring a delightful complexity, with floral honey sweetness, tropical fruit flavors, and a sparkling, tea-like acidity.

Grown at 1,950 meters, our beans benefit from the slow maturation process that high altitudes provide, resulting in a denser, more flavorful coffee bean. This altitude, combined with meticulous farming practices and our commitment to quality, ensures that each cup of Bourbon Coffee is a true testament to the art of coffee cultivation.

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Bulk Wholesale Bourbon Arabica from our farm in Cauca, Colombia. Ready for Export.

Are you a Roaster wanting specialty coffee? We can ship you Bourbon Arabica Beans Globally.

We have over 10 types of Bourbon Beans in stock and ready to be shipped out. Please click View All to see our inventory. 

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We thrive in growing fine Coffee that enrich the taste&soul.


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